Cobra HD is a non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that comprises all the functions required for a rapid screening of the status of the retina. Cobra uses an innovative optical system that can provide high quality images of the ocular fundus. With its ergonomic design Cobra provides a clear and detailed image of the ocular fundus with a field of vision of up to 50 degrees. Cobra uses a minimum flash exposure, allowing a fast and detailed acquisition of the fundus and minimizing the discomfort for the patient. Cobra HD shares the use of the CCD high-resolution sensor (5 megapixel) for the alignment of the pa- tient (with IR illumination) and the capture of retinal images (with a white light flash and IR LEDs).

The USB connection between the device and the PC enables a fast and easy transfer of the images. Patient data is saved in the Phoenix patient management software system in a stand-alone configuration or in a network: it is also possible to activate a DICOM connection to transfer images. Ergonomically designed Cobra provides clear and detailed display of the entire fundus image at true 60 field of view. The system offers retinal photography with minimum flash exposure allowing quick and efficient fundus photography, thereby minimizing patient discomfort. Cobra shares the use of the high resolution CCD camera (5 MegaPixel) for alignment (IR illumination) and capture (White light flash). New features: - wavelengths splitter - MOSAIC function - Mebomiam Glands Analysis - AVR tool - Overlap with RETIMAX

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